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September 21, 2012 at 7:07 am (Adolf Hitler, Australian Politics, Catholic Church, Commentary, Human Rights, Middle East, Refugees, The Prophet, Third Reich)

A few European friends of mine were looking at the world and they deemed it was in a mess. One said it’s time we bring the Fuehrer (Fuhrer) back! By using an ouija board they contacted Adolf — “Der Fuehrer, we need you back!” There was a pause, and then he came on- line again. “OK, but next time around no more Mr Nice Guy.”

Pope John Paul II walking in the Vatican Gardens for quiet meditation suddenly encounted the Almighty, and they got into conversation. “Dear Lord, while I’m pope do you think there will be women priests?” God Almighty answered, “not in your time”. The next question the Pope put to God was dealing with the marriage laws of the Church. “Do you think the Church will ever relax its attitude to artificial birth control.” Again God told him not in his time. John Paul’s final question was: “Lord, do you think there’ll be another Polish Pope?” The Almighty answered in no uncertain terms: “Not in my time.”

I wonder if the Prophet would be proud of his followers in Sydney. It was said to me today that Australia should take the refugee policy that we follow about arrivals into our own hands — forget the international conventions and set a fixed figure on the number we would take each year They would be selected from the refugee camps around the world — don’t bother about off-shore processing — boats that turn up out of the blue would be sent back to their first point of departure — the pocessing would all be done in the refugee camps, and some sort of common sense should be exercised in the parts of the world we draw from — perhaps for a while we should give the Middle East a rest.

I recognise that there are humanitarian problems with the policy outlined above but there are many problems with our present policy — I suppose it’s hard to know what to do.

John Blaxell

These views are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the editor of this blog. 


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