Where is my Greek Australian friend/acquaintance?

November 11, 2012 at 10:08 pm (Commentary)

Yesterday I wrote something of the Ancient Greeks, and today I reflect on a Modern Greek.

Indeed where is he? He is a Sydney builder. I first ran into him in the early years of this century when he was involved in a rather large building project in the vicinity where I live.

He told me that he wanted to get this venture finished as soon as possible, and take off for the Island of Majorca, and get amongst the Spanish women there, before as he said: ‘the lights go out!’

Well, it took him years to finish building — in fact he didn’t ever really completely finish as the banks took over the last stages of his scheme. But there was a finish to it anyhow!

As I’ve not seen him for some time, I wonder if he got to Majorca. Is he to be found in Palma surroundered by beautiful Spanish women? I can’t at this stage speculate on the state of his lights, but I can only hope that they are still shining!

The Ancient Greeks looked to the heavens, my Modern Greek wanted to be in heaven!

I wish him all the best, and should I run into him in Sydney or Palma, I would be more than ready to conclude that the world is his oyster!


1 Comment

  1. Janey Kelf said,

    A fun read David thanx I hope he got his reward too

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