Don’t miss out — not many copies left!

November 16, 2012 at 1:29 am (Book review, Commentary, David Wall, Medical practice in Australia)

Jim Wall  An Australian Life 1893 – 1965 

by David Wall

Click on link below to see the book cover:
Jim_Wall — An Australian Life
Published by Chargan, Perth — $30 with postage within Australia.
Let me know if you are interested to receive a copy.
One reader made the comment below:
“You could have called it: The life of a Catholic doctor in Australia, 1893-1965. Although a lot of it is for the benefit of the family, you can’t write a biography without raising a lot of wider issues and brushing the socio-political background. This short bio factually and succinctly paints the life in the country at the beginning of the 20th century. A bit like the impressionists: little brush strokes that, together, create the feel of the time and place, even though most of it is left to the imagination. I quite enjoyed reading it and looking for context that was hidden behind, such as diseases, education, religious and moral issues or surprising facts such as the nuns of Chambéry in Norway, which puzzled me. I worked in Chambéry, France, but I did not know that St Joseph of Chambéry had opened in 1865 and spread throughout Europe. I often walked to Jean-Jacques Rousseau’s house of Les Charmettes, at night at the light of sodium lamps piercing the ubiquitous fog; and admired the famous Elephant fountain “des Quatre-sans-cul” celebrating Hannibal’s crossing of the Alps at that place. Thanks for bringing the past back to life so vividly. I also enjoyed the many old photographs.”
David Wall
152 Wilson Street
Newtown 2042 NSW
Phone:02 95505053
For online payments please email for details

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