Two distinguished Francophiles!

November 25, 2012 at 1:29 am (A.C.T. Marke, Commentary, Love in a hot climate, Love on the Run, Temlett Conibeer, Twixt Semites and swastikas: Temlett Conibeer's greatest challenge)

Subject:Letter to Dr J.P. Priestley (copy)

24 November, 2012 
Dr J.P. Priestley
c/o Monsieur Terence Pfafflin
Sydney 2001
My dear Dr Priestley
May I say, as the editor of the above mentioned blog, how much our readers have enjoyed your contributions in the past!
I’ve taken the liberty of researching something of your illustrious academic life. Your distinguished career includes the occupation of chairs in some of Europe’s finest universities. You are a famous Anglophile and Francophile! With Monsieur Pfafflin, another celebrated Francophile, you employ French as your main medium of communication.
Given all of this, I realize, that what I’m asking of you might be considered by you as somewhat beneath what you would usually do – a mere actor in a film!
As you can see from the enclosed we are trying to find a suitable person to take the part of Temlett Conibeer, in a film of A.C.T. Marke’s novel, Twixt Semites and swastikas.  You will also notice  from reading the reviews that this fine work is in the same category as War & Peace !
So, please give this request your serious consideration!
I am, dear Sir, your admiring and obedient servant,
David Andrew de Bérigny
P.S. Don’t let my French name fool you – I don’t speak French, and I have little knowledge of French culture, though I admire both! I look to our mutual friend, Monsieur Terence, to address these deficiencies in me!

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