Kevin Walls’ photos 1941

December 9, 2012 at 6:00 am (Commentary, Pacific war, Photos, R.K.Walls, Rabaul)

Click on the link below:

Photos from left to right:

1.  Good example native hut – sides of coconut fronds – roof thatched with kunai grass

2.  New Guinea Club

3. The Treasury Building, Rabaul

4. Snap through porthole of ‘Katoomba’ in Sydney Harbour en route to Rabaul

5.  – outside the Cosmopolitan Hotel, Rabaul

6. Sgt. Walls & Lieut. Tolmer

7. Capt. Stockwell & Tommy Brannelly

8. Typical example of road around Rabaul

9. R.C. Church, St Xavier’s  – possibly the only fence in Rabaul

10. New Guinea Club

For a informative account of Kevin’s (R.K.Walls) active service, I would suggest a reading of The Coast Watchers by Patrick Lindsay, published by William Heinemann Australia, in 2010.

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