Photos of Rabaul taken by R.K.Walls in 1941.

December 9, 2012 at 1:33 am (Commentary, Photos, R.K.Walls, Rabaul, Territory New Guinea)

Click on the link below:

‘Easter Monday Sports Day, 1941, Rabaul,  Spectators – note Chinese girls’

Recently a number of photos, taken by the late Kevin Walls while he was in Rabaul in 1941 with the AIF, 8th Division, 2/22 Battalion, Lark Force as a Sergeant, have come into my possession, and gradually I’ll upload them on my blog with his comments.

RK W - 1RK W 2 PremiumRK W - 6RK W - 3

RK W - 5

RK W - 7

RK W - 9

RK W - 10

RK W - 11RK W - 12

RK W - 14

RK W - 15

RK W - 8

RK W - 13



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