Rabaul & Vunapope, 1941 (Photos taken by R.K. Walls)

December 13, 2012 at 4:41 am (Commentary, Pacific war, Photos, R.K.Walls, Rabaul, Vunapope)


Rabaul & Vunapope, 1941

1. The Cathedral – Vunapope Mission – Kokopo

2. Bishop’s Palace. The path is of powdered coral.

3.Central Administration Bldg Rabaul – note the sentry – native police – bldg. is discoloured by the dust.

4. The Rabaul Swimming Pool – Rabaul C. Coy in Capt Freddie Field and Pte Charlie Hilliard in foreground.

5. Supreme Court Building Rabaul.

6 .Carpenter’s House viewed from across the lawn – Bill McClemens and self ( Kevin. Walls) – A hill formerly in existence here was levelled for site of house and a valley filled in for lawns – all by native labour by hand.

7. The verandah – adjustable verandah blinds imported from America – practically everything else is an Eastern curio or treasure. Big bowl is of green glass half filled with water – purple flowers very tiny floating on top. Lt Crawford and self (Walls) in background.


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