I hope to visit Angoram shortly – or should I? Things may have improved!

December 26, 2012 at 2:59 am (Angoram, Commentary, East Sepik Province, PNG, Sepik River)

Poor old Angoram


Wednesday 11th May, 2011

Thugs rule Angoram


A COMMUNITY leader in Angoram said criminals are overtaking the district and its headquarters while their MP Arthur Somare is nowhere to be found. Luke Gawi, a block holder at Gavien Rubber Scheme, said District Administrator Aloi Agat was also absent from the district most of the time. He is either in Wewak, Port Moresby or at his rubber block at Gavien and not in his office. Mr Gawi also said the Angoram Hospital was rundown and the Angoram High school faced the same fate but funds for their renovations were yet to be received. He said that on average, three murders occur in a month in Angoram, three to four armed robberies took place within a week and two to three rapes took place in a month and the police were not able to do anything. He said the people in the district had no-one to turn to if they fell victim to criminals because the police in Angoram turned a blind eye to all crimes in the district. He said Mr Somare was never there to experience and see what was happening nor did he have any plans to contain the situation. “Arthur does not have a house in Angoram, he lives in Port Moresby, goes to Australia or New Ireland where his wife is from, and does not care what happens to us in Angoram,” he said. Mr Gawi said just last week, a local woman was pack-raped by criminals who held up the truck she was travelling in from Wewak to Angoram.

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What a sorry state! Bring the Kiaps back. The next step is to descend into total chaos. It seems that the local member doesn’t care that the good people of Angoram are abused and explioted. Where is the local member?

No longer can the people of Angoram say: Bai mi tokim kiap.


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