My Brother Vivian … and the Christian Martyrs of Papua New Guinea by Patrick Redlich

December 26, 2012 at 3:21 am (Anglican Church in PNG, Book review, Commentary, Papua New Guinea)



This book is highly recommended! After reading it I wrote to the author:

152 Wilson St

Newtown 2042 NSW

Christmas Day, 2012


Dear Patrick


Please forgive me for taking the liberty of addressing you by your Christian name, but I’ve just finished reading the remarkable book you have written about Vivian, your brother. An experience I found most moving!

The story of Vivian comes alive in your account of his death with others, in Papua in 1942, and leaves an indelible impression!

I can’t help but reflect on the fact of me finishing my reading on Christmas Day as being most appropriate – the birth of Christ and the martyrdom of your brother and others in faraway Papua so long ago, and my Christmas Day reading, a kind of symbiosis – a Christian gift to me by courageous people.

Thank you for writing: My Brother Vivian.


Yours sincerely




David Wall


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