Somewhere in ……

December 26, 2012 at 11:37 pm (Angoram, Commentary, David Wall, East Sepik Province, Frank Clune, Goya Henry, Papua New Guinea, Sepik River, Wewak)

The Diggers of the First World War had an address: Somewhere in France. Frank Clune & Goya Henry had an address: Somewhere in New Guinea. My address for the next few weeks will be: Somewhere in the Sepik. Email contact:



  1. Janice Olson said,

    When you can, could I trouble you to contact me about some of your past work? I am looking for a U.S. Air Force man who went missing 5 January 1943 and I believe there were sightings of him at Vunapope. Are there archives at Vunapope accessible to the public? I thought I saw something you had written about their archives which brings me to this question. Searches of the Japanese archives in Japan reveals nothing other than an intriguing article in a newspaper which didn’t give any names. ‘Hate to take you metally out of the Sepick (send warmth … I’m freezing on my mtn top.) but maybe for one moment you can enlighten me. Regards, Janice Olson (long long meri lukum balus) (By the way, your writing style is contagious. Come give lessons. Zot!)

    • deberigny said,

      Janice, I’ve just returned from PNG – I’m quite sick just now but on recovery I’ll try and attend to your request – not sure I can be too helpful. Regards, Dave

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