What is your opinion of Chairman Mao?

April 10, 2013 at 5:24 am (Commentary, Mao Zedong)

“What’s the Truth about Mao?

While the party does not criticize Mao, they must walk the tight-rope of disrespecting his legacy while undergoing new policies.

In China, the cult of Mao is still going strong. But what is the reality?

Setting aside what we see in China, one has to consider the reality of Chairman Mao and his life. Was he really the unkempt, dirty man who according to his doctor did not like to bathe, refused to brush his teeth, and spread STD’s to women seemingly without care? (45)Are the tales of a lecherous (46) Mao, manipulated by his wife – a “B” film actress with a chip on her shoulder – true?

Did she play a role in manipulating the great leader into taking part in the cultural revolution, or was he too busy, as Halliday and others have inferred, with his bevy of concubines?

Is this the same Chairman Mao who allegedly slept with over 1000 women, and the one who supposedly liked to deflower young virgins in order to maintain his youthful vigor?

In many accounts, Mao was described as an unstoppable sex maniac, and in 1953 even ordered the People’s Liberation Army to provide a stream of young, attractive “recruits” for our purposes.

Mao did indeed have these “imperial concubines”, who lived in the Forbidden City, had a certain status, and were well cared for. However, most of Mao’s victims were warned by his bodyguards never to speak of what had happened — and sent packing. (47)”

Source: http://www.topsecretwriters.com/2011/11/china-and-the-cult-of-mao/



  1. deberigny said,

    A splendid fellow!

  2. Shirlita said,

    I had to throw away my Mao bag in the Sydney airport. Hmp!

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