“Schooldays, the happiest days of your life ?”

April 11, 2013 at 11:32 pm (Commentary, Riverview, St Ignatius' College Riverview)



Going through some old papers I came across the above. Considering I had two sons at the school at this time, I would have been inclined to be very positive when writing about my experiences.

(A couple of corrections needed: Paddy Meagher instead of Pat Meagher and Jannali Boys’ High School instead of Janelli Boys High School)



  1. David Wall said,

    Funny, I’m just listening to an old boy Melbourne Xavier, Frank O’Collins who think the exact opposite of Jesuits to being good. He’s got some interesting ideas: http://youtu.be/zZaPna_F__0

    • deberigny said,

      Thanks David, as you say, he has ‘some interesting ideas’.

      • David Wall said,

        Yeah it’s a completely different take on history. He does a lot of work on trust law, which I’ve been listening to from others, so how I found his stuff.

  2. Shirlita said,

    Reading this makes me remember one of our conversations about you and the priests in Riverview. Why, oh why, didn’t they do it?

    • deberigny said,

      Shirlita, I’m trying to remember that conversation. Dave

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