Floods along the Sepik River

May 23, 2013 at 7:24 am (Angoram, Chu Leong, East Sepik District, East Sepik Province, Fr Mihalic, Norm Liddle, Papua New Guinea, Peter Johnson, PNG Health, Sara David, Sepik floods, Vivien Liddle)


Recently I accessed Sara David’s blog: midwiferybeyondborders.wordpress.com

Sara is an Australian midwife, and she is doing wonderful work helping and training Sepik River women in all aspects of birthing and child care.

One of her main trainees is Vivien Liddle of Kambaramba Village. In the old days when I lived in Angoram I knew Vivien’s father, Norm.

Vivien managed to get in touch with Sara in Australia and tell her about a terrible flood they were having now in the Sepik River area. This reminded me of the 1973 floods as reported in the above article in the Post-Courier.

I can imagine the difficulties this would be creating for the people, particularly the young mothers.

A look at Sara David’s blog is strongly recommended.



  1. deberigny said,

    A report from a friend in Wewak:
    “I haven’t ventured to Angoram this year, but reports are that the flooding is considerably worse than in living memory. The Grass Country villages are reportedly inundated and Samban and other schools have been closed for months. Many teachers have came to Wewak. Samban school re-opened this week (Jimmy Yawat’s daughter is a teacher there – she has stayed on the Wewak banis for two months.”

  2. Alan Pretty said,


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