Celibacy in the Catholic Church: A meditation on failure!

May 30, 2013 at 5:09 am (Catholic Church)

The Church has traditionally always been fair and square right in the bedroom, and what a mess they have made of it!

For years Catholics have been indoctrinated with the idea that sex is evil except in a limited way in the marriage bed. The path to hell is paved with sex, and all sexual activity outside marriage was clear and simple grievous, or a mortal sin. Impure thoughts would land you in hell as much as visiting a brothel.

Life was full of the occasions of sin; states that one was obliged to avoid under pain of mortal sin. Even in marriage anything that was deemed ‘unnatural’ was sinful!

Good God, no wonder there are so many crazy Catholics in the world with a clergy dedicated to celibacy. With the operate word being celibacy.

It has to be recognised that many clerics have never in their priestly lives had an affair with a woman, but others, we learn, have practised lives of secret debauchery, preying on young boys and girls. These ‘charmers’ usually kept clear of grown women, and would have had no idea of how to approach a woman and express their desire and love.

These ‘priestly charmers’ have in the past, when known of, recieved special treatment by a church hierarchy, and been posted here and there to save the reputation of the institution – a plan that never really worked as they usually went on offending.

So much for these gentlemen of the cloth, but what about the poor Catholic laity who had been educated with Jansenistic ideas about the evils of sex.

They went out into the world with twisted ideas which were largely responsible for ruining the sex lives of countless men and women.

The worst thing in life is not getting the love of a woman, but missing out. In old age one realizes this!

Officially, the Church still retains mad and unreasonable ideas about artifical birth control.

A friend of mine once said to me that if the allies during the War had dropped planeloads of condoms on Japanese cities, the Church would have shown more concern over this than the dropping of atom bombs!

In present-day Australia, the clerical abuse problems are highlighted in the following links:




As a Catholic, I can only say to the Pope and hierarchy, do something, and bring the Church into the 21st Century!


1 Comment

  1. David Wall said,

    Or start by bringing it back to the first century, given the apostles had wives too.

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