Have the Gates of Hell prevailed against the Church?

July 28, 2013 at 5:03 am (Catholic Church, Commentary)

Vatican offers ‘time off purgatory’ to followers of Pope Francis tweets

Papal court handling pardons for sins says contrite Catholics may win ‘indulgences’ by following World Youth Day on Twitter

The Guardian 17 July, 2013

This should impress the modern world no end!

What in the name of Heaven is the Church doing about the causes of sex abuse committed by its clergy?

Is anyone questioning the wisdom of compulsory celibacy for priests?

The Church’s irrational position on artificial birth control needs modification to say the least.

I would not think that time off from Purgatory would be a great seller to induce Catholics, particularly the young, to return to the practice of their faith.

Pope Francis, if he doesn’t get his act together soon will prove to be just as reactionary as the two previous holders of his office.

Look at the present inquiry in Newcastle into paedophile Catholic clergy, and the manoeuvres of Fr Lucas, a witness for the Church.

The impression most would have of the Church after following this inquiry is very aptly summed up in an editorial in the SMH:

“To people unschooled in legal and canonical niceties, mounting evidence about the Catholic’s Church’s approach to child abuse surely beggars belief.”

In life you have to be a realist and I would say that all the abused can expect from the Church are serpents and scorpions. See: Luke 11:1-13

Oh, I forgot to mention a few indulgences too!


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