“Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive.” Walter Scott

August 1, 2013 at 4:19 am (Commentary)

For years I’ve walked softly in the footsteps of the elders, and now I suddenly realize that I’m one of the elders, but as far as I know no one is walking softly in my footsteps!

Does this say something about me or those previous elders whom I so eagerly followed?

At 77 I’m smiling,  but as the Bard more or less said: a man may smile and smile again and yet be a villain.

What a terrible world the oldies are passing onto the young.

Recently I was in poor health and I went through extensive medical tests that must have cost the Australian taxpayers a deal of money. Just think how hard the young have to work to keep an old bloke like me alive. I’m grateful, but what can I do to repay the country? Not much, I’m afraid! No wonder the Fuhrer snuffed out the oldies, undesirables and racially questionable individuals. We all know what a fine fellow Adolf was!

Just think of the super bugs we have left the young to cope with in the world, and the many disastrous geo-political decisions. To mention but two: the creation of Israel with the resulting destabilization of the Middle East. The handing over of Western New Guinea to Indonesia with the resulting killings and dispossession of the Melanesian people there, these actions should hang heavily on the shoulders of past elders/decision makers!

Let’s think of the Bard’s quote above, and if ever there’s been a smiling gentleman in recent times in New South Wales it would be Ian Macdonald, a star performer in the ICAC Inquiry. I’ve often wondered about that smile of his.

That smile has been a constant throughout the Inquiry, and he’s to be admired for this, for we now know that he suffers from “neck tiredness”.

In the goodness of his heart he went through a demanding luncheon with Ron Medich and other executives at Tuscany, a smart eating place, this aggravated the tiredness of his neck to the extent he was forced to seek relief from a young Chinese beauty, Tiffanie, in a room at the Four Seasons Hotel.

Whatever the condition of Ian’s neck no one has ever claimed to my knowledge that he is a demon in the cot! This seems to be borne out in Tiffanie’s words that Macdonald made her feel like vomiting.

Would the young in New South Wales see Eddie Obeid and Ian Macdonald as elders to be followed?

You must agree that Eddie is an excellent family man. He’s done much for his sons. His five sons all have a share in family businesses.

The New South Wales Labor Party will, I’m sure, never forget the Obeid family. One acquaintance of mine was heard to say: “Send them all back to Lebanon!”

I somehow think that Eddie and his crew will survive. As to Ian, that neck I think will be his undoing.

So after all this, where can the young look for guidance from: the state, the church, the law, politicians, ethnic or aboriginal elders, significant members of society, historical prophets, saints or just family members?

The one person who comes out better than most in this whole human saga, I would say is Tiffanie, a person who knows what she is selling and is prepared to give value for money.

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