A delightful evening

August 12, 2013 at 4:07 am (Commentary)


In the early start of this century a significant and highly entertaining evening took place at 152 Wilson Street, Newtown – such interesting and remarkable guests graced the dinner table!

Cast your eyes over the attached photo from left and around the table: Maja, the recently married young Polish woman to my son David Augustus Wall. She was formerly Maja Banachowicz.

Next we see Adam, an Australian champion walker of Olympic quality. At this time Luke was aspiring to marry Martyne, the sister of Maja, who was still in Poland.

After Adam we see Halina Sidorowicz, the grandmother of Maja and the widow of a distinguished Polish military general.

Sitting next to Halina is Dr Jan Saave, on this evening the guest of honour. Jan was a unique character and a legend. He was part of the Polish resistance to the Nazis during the occupation of Poland during the War, and subsequently a distinguished surgeon, malariologist and researcher in Papua New Guinea for over thirty years. Not too many years after the memorable gathering we are talking of he passed on.

Deborah Ruiz Wall is sitting next to Jan and next to her is David Andrew Wall, here we have the hostess and host of the dinner party.

Next to David is Danusia Banachowicz, the mother of Maja. Danusia was then married to Professor Andrzej Banachowicz. She was and is a psychologist. Andrzej is widely known in artistic circles in Europe, and is a Professor of fine arts at Poznan University.

The Poles prepared a sumptuous feast and Halina made the special Polish Vodka drinks which Jan insisted were only to be taken straight!

During the course of the evening it was clear to be seen that Jan was very taken by Danusia. At one stage he invited her to the opera, of course, he prefixed this, being the gentleman he was, with the words: “With the permission of the Professor, of course!”

I don’t think Jan went over too well with Halina, when he addressed her as “grandma”, seeing that both he and she were roughly of the same age.

Jan, my former boss in PNG complimented me in being the catalyst as it were in bringing such an intelligent multicultural group into being.

There’s no doubt all enjoyed the evening, including Halina and Danusia. Luke kindly drove Jan home to Lane Cove.

I’ll end this by saying that I only wish that Danusia had taken up Jan’s offer to go to the opera with him. I’m sure the Professor would not have minded this.

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