A coming treat for A.C.T. Marke’s readers!

October 10, 2013 at 4:51 am (A.C.T. Marke, Commentary, Famous Old Wellingtonians, Indonesian New Guinea, Love in a hot climate, Love on the Run, Temlett Conibeer, Twixt Semites and swastikas: Temlett Conibeer's greatest challenge, West Papua)

We know that Andrew Marke enjoys exploring remote places, and he loves the company of cats while researching the Victorian age. But now his readers are about to be enthralled with his latest novel: AT THE WEST END

Temlett Conibeer, and his friend Erik, find themselves in West Papua, a province of Indonesia. Erik is onto something that could make the both of them extremely wealthy. The challenging and formidable problems in the province with the Indonesian brutality all add to an intriguing and Machiavellian story line.

With this as a background, Temlett’s romance with a blue-eyed Dutch blond makes the novel a chronicle that is both creative and picturesque.

So hold your breath, the work is not quite finished at this stage, but when it comes out, be sure to buy a copy.





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