Deborah, the light of my day!

October 19, 2013 at 3:28 am (Commentary)



Some find spiritually in the Block at Redfern, others look to the Prophet, and there are those who find it in the words of the Saviour. For me it lies in the bosom of Deborah.

At Mass once, the reader announced that she was giving us an epistle of St Paul’s to the Filipinos, of course she meant to say the Philippians. No doubt in a prophetic sense St Paul would have been quite happy to include the Filipinos in any message he had for the Philippians, even if they were somewhat invisible in his own particular time period.

For over forty years my life has been linked to Filipinos through my marriage to Deborah. I often wonder where I would be, if indeed I would be anywhere, without the love she has shown me. I always try not to be a cause of istorbo to her, but I’m afraid I am at times!

Deborah, you are the light of my day, and of my life, thank you!


  1. Don Pybus said,

    Well done, David; beautiful to acknowledge the talents of the ladies, they are the great organizers, best wishes, Don

  2. Sarah hungerford (de montfort) said,

    Haha ,’epistle of Paul’s to the Filipinos’…can imagine it would of been one of those awkward ‘should I or shouldn’t I laugh’ moments..

  3. Antony Ruhan said,

    You area lucky man, David!

    Antony Ruhan

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