Who will be the next GG?

November 27, 2013 at 12:20 am (Commentary)

Correspondence to be hand written and by mail, please. You should be thinking of more important things such as who will be the next Governor-General now that the extreme left wing incumbent has disgraced herself. It MUST go to someone who actually believes in the current monarchy. My vote goes for John Howard.   Commander.
Intelligent response, but JH surely not politically possible at this stage…how about Gough?  PJ
The above comments need to be considered. What a wonderful suggestion to appoint Gough Whitlam.
 He could dismiss PM Abbott with the following words: Well may we say “God save the Queen”, because nothing will save the Prime Minister! This Proclamation is countersigned by Bill Shorten, who will undoubtedly go down in Australian history as the country’s saviour.

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