David Andrew Wall 1936-2013

December 27, 2013 at 12:04 am (Uncategorized)

This is David Jnr and Andrei here writing a note about dad’s passing. Dad (the writer of this blog) passed yesterday. He was a loving father for both of us and was friend to many. He touched many people’s lives, being a man that dedicated much of his life towards others. The other side of dad was his unique humour, not always understood by everyone, sometimes misinterpreted but it was his way of seeing the funny side of life as readers of this blog and his friends and family would know. We remember dad with his warm compassionate heart, a father who cared so much for his family, he will be terribly missed by us but dad was never one to want to be fussed over. If he was here now (and he probably is), he would tell us not to worry about him, that he is doing well, that he’s most concerned about all those that would be grieving his passing, because he is not gone and he will still be with us in our lives.

We are both glad that his passing was quick and that he had his family around him and that we got to say goodbye, even though it was so very hard to do.

For dad,if you are reading this – thanks for being a great dad, we miss you so much already.

Love Andrei and David


  1. Sarah hungerford (de montfort) said,

    I’m so sorry to hear of David’s passing, I had no idea he was ill. I remember him as our school librarian and all the awesome speeches he did, and found his blog online. I have followed his blogs with interest and am saddened to hear the news. He told me me u could drop in on Deb and him, but hadn’t got around to it yet, I would have made an effort to had I have known the situation.
    He will be greatly missed by all of you indeed.
    All the best at this hard time.

    • Andrei said,

      Thanks Sarah,

      Dad used to love when it when people replied on his blog and I’m sure he would have appreciated your comments.


  2. David Wall said,

    Reblogged this on Disorderly Happiness and commented:
    From my dad’s blog. Miss you and all your encouragement Dad…

  3. Carolyn Leigh and Ron Perry said,

    Dear Debbie, David Jr. and Andrei,
    We were so sad and totally shocked when we received Ella’s email. First Kevin and now, Dave. Ron had so many stories from the Angoram days, especially with Dave and Peter Johnson. I only got to meet Dave once, but he was so generous in his support and review of “Art Dealer in the Last Unknown” and in posting so many PNG memories/photos/comments from all of us who love New Guinea. I am looking at the list of articles on the right of this blog – huge contribution. We corresponded by email and I will miss his communications and blog posts. I hope that you keep the blog up, at least for awhile. Dave was a lovely man and traveled through this world with a zest for whatever was interesting and amazing. His love for all of you was so clear and strong. Carolyn and Ron

  4. Ruth Hogarth said,

    I am saddened to hear of Davids passing. I found his blog after researching Charles Wickham de Berigny, who lived in our home in St Kilda with his wife Alice and their children. I was receiving treatment for breast cancer, and whilst on the concotion of drugs and working from home, wanted to research the history of our beautiful terrace circa 1888. Through David I found a lovely history of the family that once lived here, and that this property was named ‘Bowna’ after the town that was submerged to make way for the Hume reservoir.
    Although we never knew him, please accept our condolences, and thank you for the gift of information and history on the de Berignys.

    With respect,


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