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October 19th 2013 in the backyard 005 - Copy (15)Awakening

My eyes see, my ears hear,

my feet on the ground

in a spirit utterly wanting,

entrapped in twilight zone

after you swam your way into infinity,

leaving me suddenly without your anchor.

Love has become an abstraction

beyond expression, traces of you

disintegrating from the materiality

of existence, and I am barred

from reaching ‘you’ until I myself

am summoned to cross over a horizon

where your unquenchable earthly thirst

for definitive answers to questions

is now being filled with Living water,

mystery unravelling in a place

where Peace reigns, where paradox lives

in the eternal sleep of Awakening.

Two poems: sleep

So mortality knocks on my door.

No one knows the day and the hour.

We dance our dance in the circle of life.

Like an accordion, the past flashes fast

into the now where the future becomes a blank.

The peacemaker knows that the verdict

of passage is not in human hands.

Our walk, our small steps make an imprint

On the whole of this world, part of the co-creation

Process where mindfulness weaves fragments

into the eternal design and time is a notion

that has no anchor.

Openness to the beginning,

to the reason for being

shines through conscious awareness of place.

No need for resistance for we flow into

the river of the dynamic source of all breath

that enables the breakthrough of Mystery.

Sleep calls but there was no response.

I wake to the many shades of sleep.

My eyes shut and I ‘see’.

My eyes open and I go blind.

I travel inward and my night turns to day.

Flesh and blood draws a boundary

for grounding my unrestrained flight

into the truth in myth and fable,

into materializing the intangible.

Words burst out of a blank space

to give form to the unformed,

to think an unthought,

to mirror faint traces

from the collective unconscious.

The conscious unconscious awakes.

Deep sleep calls.

I am summoned.

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  1. Anonymous said,

    Hello David…

    I am Raymond from Maprik in the East Sepik Province Papua New Guinea. I have come to realize that the Political history of Maprik is some what very unclear. I therefore seek your assistance in the subject as you are truly a hero when it comes to East Sepik Province’s history and stories.

    I have had problems finding your email address thus am using this site.

    Please email me on rtaminde@gmail.com if and when you get this.

    Thank you very much!


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