The phone rings!

January 13, 2014 at 1:21 am (Uncategorized)

There many interesting things written here that seems even more relevant now. It’s good to think that dad and his brother James would be seeing much more of each other and having these conversations. – David Jnr

Stories by David Wall

The phone rang at four in the morning and I thought to myself, ‘who the hell is that? Maybe it will stop ringing and I can go back to sleep.’ But it didn’t and I had to answer it:

Hello and a vaguely familiar voice answered: James here, I thought I’d better get in touch. I’ve been away for a while and I want to catch up. In my still sleepy half conscious state it came to me that I’d not heard James’s voice for years. Well he went on: I’ve been about quite a bit since I left and I’ve run into some interesting people. Dad and Mum are fine. Joan said that if I meet you to say she is thinking about you.


By this time I was wide-awake and I was starting to think that the voice sounds just like James or Fells as we used…

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  1. Sarah hungerford (de montfort) said,

    Just reading Debs beautiful poem makes me so sad that your Father has gone, albeit to a better place now, I’m a believer too. I only started reading your Dads blog via the Internet after wondering what he was doing now, remembering the awesome speeches he used to do at school assemblies. I commented on a few of them and he asked me to drop in to he and Debs place in Newtown if I was in the area, sad I missed the opportunity to meet such an interesting warm well respected man. I can only imagine how you must all feel. Can I be rude and ask whether it was unexpected or sudden as I had no inkling he was unwell?
    Anyway God bless all of you, and it was a pleasure to read David’s post, be it a short time.

  2. Sarah Hungerford said,

    yes, umm well, i can only say that at least your Father was appreciative of my responses and always responded with gratefulness.

    • David Wall said,

      Hi Sarah, its been a hard time and I’ve wanted to reply to you but honestly going to this site is not easy, it brings up a lot of feelings, I suppose I have personally not fully grieved yet.

      To let you know it was unexpected, the day before on Christmas Day we were all together and dad was in good spirits. The following day I saw him in the morning and I do regret that I didn’t have the foresight to stay longer and perhaps hug him one last time. I was going on a trip to Queensland just about to board the plane when I got a call and heard that “dad is dying”.

      It was a big shock, I’m still often in disbelief thinking that I could still go home and see him writing his anecdotes on this blog, making jokes, having a cup of tea with him. Its hard to realise that that’s just not going to happen anymore.

      Dad later that day after I saw him went to the local pool for a swim like he often did. I heard the story that the lady that alerted the lifeguard saw him just sink in front of her. He sank to the bottom and we don’t know what caused it but he must have lost consciousness and swallowed a lot of water. When they took him out of the pool he didn’t have a pulse, the lifeguard gave him mouth to mouth and the lady who first saw him spoke to him saying something like “you have to fight for your family”.

      That point he started breathing again, but he was not able to do much else. The doctors told us with the amount of time he was out, without breathing over 6 minutes or so, he would have severe irrecoverable brain damage. Dad many times mentioned to us that he never wanted to be stuck on life support.

      In the end dad’s breath was becoming slower and slower, we where all there, his family. Before he took his last breath and seeing that he probably wouldn’t be taking many more I remember whispering to him “it’s ok dad, I believe everything will be ok, you can let go dad.” That’s when his breathing stopped.

      It’s still very hard for me to accept that death is so final, that I can’t see him anymore. I am glad though that despite all this, dad had a good long life and knew love from others. Maybe things aren’t so final and so I found this post he wrote comforting in that way.

      Apologies again I didn’t reply earlier.

      • Sarah Hungerford said,

        ohh no..oops now i feel very guilty for maybe unintentionally coming across abruptly with my comment. I guess i have been wondering what actually happened as it was, as you said so unexpected. That is a very dramatic tragedy, what a horrible turn of events. I am glad that you got to spend time with him in his final moments. It sounds as though he must have felt your presence. I don’t know what to say apart from i am saddened to have never caught up with him,and his passing, so i can’t imagine how you are all feeling. I’m positive he’s in a good place now, and i guess that can give you comfort if anything…but yes, i too would find it extremely hard to visit his blog with so many of his documented thoughts and mindful meanderings.

        Thanks so much for letting me know, he will indeed be missed, take care xx

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