About David Wall

David Andrew de Bérigny Wall was born in Melbourne in 1936 and educated in Sydney at Saint Ignatius’ College, Riverview. After leaving school, he worked in Papua New Guinea on plantations and for the Department of Health for eighteen years. In the 1970s he returned to Sydney and qualified as a teacher librarian, subsequently working in high schools for the New South Wales Department of Education. He resides in Newtown, Sydney with his wife, Deborah. They have two grown-up children, Andrei and David Augustus. The years he lived in Papua New Guinea have left him with an abiding interest in the country and its people.


  1. Maurice said,

    You have a Pierre Teilhard de Chardin look about you; perhaps you are an excerpt from “The Phenomenon of man”.

  2. Charles said,

    To me, you look more like a roue recovering from a lifetime of excesses!

  3. deberigny said,

    I would rather be seen as something from “The Phenomenon of Man” than to be regarded in Charles’s terms. But in life we can’t have everything, and it is better to be noticed than not seen at all!

  4. Alan Pretty said,

    love the blog DAVE, more pickies from the ’70s.

  5. Alan Pretty said,

    Re. what charles wrote, (2) above, perhaps we should substitute the word “after” for the words “recovering from”! – Just kidding – take care – Alan

  6. Anna McGibbon said,

    Hi David,

    Thanks for your comments about my book. Martin will put them up on the MaskiMedia website when he gets round to it. He is releasing New Guinea Patrol next week on CD-ROM which is up on the website. Includes Fragments of New Guinea – 300 or so images.

    You are looking great and possibly even intelligent.



    • Ray & June Cornell said,

      Hi Anna, John Barry told me you were writing a book. Love to read it. I wrote a small one about the early days of the Yacht Club which I have heard is is financial trouble big time Regards rc.

  7. deberigny said,

    Hi Anna,

    I would like to get a copy of Martin’s CD. If he likes, send me one with an invoice.

    Your last comments made my day, even if you only allow the possibility of my intelligence.

    Great to hear from you; keep in touch.



  8. john pasquarelli said,

    David Wall – you’re not fooling me for one moment with that bloody beret!!! your name is almost as ‘woggy’ as mine now!~!~!

    • David Wall said,

      Good one, John, Dave

  9. David Wall said,

    I was just looking around at all the David Wall’s online and found you. I haven’t done nearly as much with my life as you, but I have done much. Thanks for letting me share this moment with you and your family.

  10. platelicking said,

    Your middle name should have been “stirrer” David.

    Good to see you blogging away. How is life in Wilson Street. Hope you are watering Deb’s garden while she is away. A lot of love and effort went into the garden.

    Cheers – Zainil

  11. Tony and Gill Hastings said,

    Tony Hastings was in P N G in 1960-2. He went over from England and was in Angoram for a while as well as the highlands. He became friends with Frank Faulkner, who later came over to England twice to visit us. Please could you tell us what became of Frank?

  12. Josephine Kenni said,

    Hi Uncle David Wall. Iam Josephine and my late Dad was the owner of Angoram Hotel. Iam now managing the place and I owned a tour company called Sepik Village Tours. Is it possible if I send you some pictures and you can also put on goggles wall. My Facebook acc is also Sepikvillagetours. How nice to see your old pictures of Angoram.

    • Urban permaculturist said,

      Hi Josephine,

      David Wall is a family friend and I am most sorry to inform you that he passed away recently, around Christmas time.

      I took the liberty to reply to you since I subscribe to his blog and am notified of your comment. I don’t know if anyone monitors this blog page.

      All the best.


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