Approaching madness (?)


In the morning I awake and talk to myself: the old indigenous, ABC for Kids, the wrath of the Filipina.

The certainties of life are gone! The Rock of St Peter is no longer solid. The British Empire is gone. The ascendancy of the Anglo Saxon race is no more. Marriage equality is about to be a reality. Papua New Guinea returns to tribal chaos, and colonial endeavours and ventures come to nothing.

Is it I that is mad, or the world at large? We live in a world of political correctness where white is black and black is white and dare we say one or the other – a multicultural pastiche for better or worse!

Some find their salvation in theological dreams of the Rapture, others dream of a return of the Fuhrer. The old institutions of life have become meaningless. Perhaps the answer lies in ABC for Kids and my granddaughter, Hala is right: “I’m only a little bit sick.”

Must we now look at the power of Islam, or the power of Nippon, or the glory of an emerging China? The British Lion roars no more and Britannia no longer rules the waves. The Stars and Stripes are too busy making a mess of things. Australia is concerned with greater things like Craig Thomson, Peter Slipper, and getting coal to China where carbon emissions have to be maintained.

For me, I’m sure, insanity does approach, but my only hope is the wrath of the Filipina, to keep me on the path of righteousness!

I think of my sons: one over sensitive and the other sensitive but very practical, at least where money is concerned! I would do anything for them, really!

My beautiful Filipina wife keeps the family together!

I still sometimes in my deepest sleep dream of captivating PNG women – maybe I’m allowed my dreams and fantasies as a red-blooded male!

The writer, my friend, the Commander, I’m sure, dreams of Aryan blond beauties, what can I say, each to his own!

Is it true that St Augustine changed his belief in Premillennialism to Amillennialism? Who cares today? My friend, the Captain certainly does!

A big question for me now is: does my heart pump sufficient oxygen into my blood?

Many questions will be answered in my coming autobiography: D A de B Wall – A disorderly life – The rambling of an old fool! Of course, this will be nothing like the latest from the Commander: Twixt Semites and swastikas, in terms of sheer brilliance!

It’s clear that death doesn’t solve everything – looking back to something I wrote :

Death brings no peace to Raheen

Paul Sheehan’s (“Even lust loses in this story of dirt”, October 3) prompts me to ask, if only the walls of Raheen could talk. Raheen was once the residence of the Catholic Archbishop, Daniel Mannix, and now is the Pratt’s family home. In 1960 Arthur Calwell, the Labor Party leader, failed to get the support of Mannix to end the dispute between the DLP and Labor. This reputably aroused him to say: “there’ll be no peace until the angel of death visits Raheen.” With the death of Richard Pratt in 2009 and later, there is still no peace at Raheen with or without the visits of the angel of death.

Oh well, such is life! And such is death!


  1. shirlita said,

    talking to yourself again, herr wall?

    • deberigny said,

      Doktor Espinosa,

      Einige Psychiater sogar sagen, dass im Gespräch mit sich selbst ist eine gute Therapie!

      David Wall

    • Shirlita said,

      Sehr gut, Dave. Ich bin jetzst im Manila. Traurig aber frohlich sehen wieder Belo. (No Google so apologies for the grammar.)

  2. Alan Pretty said,

    Crikey David you really got me worried now!….. I’m havin’ them same old dreams too….. I’ll let you be in my dreams, if I can be in yours (Thanks Bob Dylan) -[ never understood that before ].

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