“Bring up the Bodies”

I’m intrigued with Hilary Mantel’s new novel: Bring up the Bodies. That old rogue, Thomas Cromwell, makes for fascinating reading in the skilled hands of Mantel in re-creating the turbulent Tudor times. I am half way through the book — more later.


  1. Anonymous said,

    Good luck with her latest effort. I was given Mantel’s Wolf Hall as a present, I think for last Xmas, and having had a lifelong fascination with the history of that turbulent period – the English Reformation – I was really looking forward to reading the large book that I unwrapped. The opening was stunning, i.e. the first few pages, but after that I found it v-e-r-y slow and such hard work. At round page 50 I gave up. I think much of my problem lay in my being so familiar with the characters and ‘what-happens-next’ in the story. I wasn’t interested enough in the development of her revised appraisal of Cromwell. I think he was a dead shit and his reputation beyond rescue. Paul Dennett

    • deberigny said,

      Paul, I suppose he was doing his master’s bidding, Henry VIII, and he also was a ‘dead shit’! David

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