Guest Presenter: Deborah Wall OAM

Next WRN Meeting:  27th September  2012

Redfern Community  Centre

Hugo Street  Redfern

(Close to Redfern Station and paid  street parking)

10am cuppa for 10.30 sharp

Walmadany – James Price  Point

Guest Presenter: Deborah Wall OAM

Aboriginal people  in Broome prefer to refer to this place as Walmadany-James Price  Point

“Over emphasis on integration into economic markets results in  dividing Indigenous families and groups and undermines the integrity of the  Aboriginal domain. I use as a case study Indigenous effort to protect heritage  sites through the Lurujarri Heritage Trail in the Kimberley. I argue that the  struggle to represent the songline and the song cycle to protect heritage sites  at Walmadany-James Price Point in West Kimberley, Western Australia manifests  tensions between continuity and change.”

Deborah Wall  OAM,PhD Candidate, Institute for Culture  and Society, University of Western Sydney,  WRN

This Meeting will also include other news and stories,  including Constitution Recognition future strategies following the past Forum.  Please bring along any information to share.

Contact:  Phone: 9909  0203

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