I’ve read the entrails of a chicken, Abbott’s our next PM!

I might end up with egg on my face next week but I give the election to the Coalition by one to three seats.

The Rudd factor will continue to move votes from Labor and Tony Abbott’s tantrum of  ‘stop the boats’  will resonate in marginal seats.

The issues of broadband and the mining tax are so fragmented that they are hardly effective vote catchers.

Nothing substantial has really been discussed by either of the major parties, so questions of war and peace internationally are ‘no goers’ and climate change is just a slogan for most of our aspiring major party politicians.

The Greens are really just a joke. When they had the chance to do something and support Rudd’s ETS, they rejected it in the Senate and I don’t think the electorate will forget this.

So by this time next week we will have Abbott as the new PM.

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  1. Antony Ruhan said,

    I think that Labour will win the election with a reduced majority. I don’t think people will buy Abbott. He is so negative and appears mechanical in his TV ads and speeches. Both parties have fudged the major issues. Our politicians have let us down. But we, the Ozzies, don’t participate enough in politics.

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