J.P. Priestley, where are you?

See: https://deberigny.wordpress.com/2010/07/02/%e2%80%9cwhat-will-these-hands-ne%e2%80%99er-be-clean%e2%80%9d-lady-macbeth/

J.P. Priestley sprang from nowhere and wrote the above piece in July, 2010. Since then a number of my readers have requested more articles from him/her. So if you are still out there let’s hear from you, J.P.P. Your admirers need you!

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  1. Anonymous said,

    I don’t know about that work, but J.B (Boynton) Priestly wrote wonderful works based on the north of England The Good Companions about characters in his native Yorkshire is a brilliant work. If you can get it the BBC televised Lost Empires one of the BBC’s excellent interpretations. One cannot be certain about other people’s likes and dislikes, but I would bet that Dave Wall would enjoy.

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