Letter to A.C.T. Marke

152 Wilson Street


18 September 2008





 I would suggest a trilogy. You have given us, your readers,  Love on the Run and I know Love in a Hot Climate is in the pipeline. For the third volume what do you think about: Love in Ruins ? You can’t use Love Among the Ruins as this is one of Evelyn Waugh’s stories. I guess it depends on your plot.


A number of your readers have asked me about when Love in a Hot Climate will be out.


The Captain is still reading Love on the Run, let’s hope you’ll then get a review from “a responsible ex- Territorian”. How are the sales going?


When you think about it, it’s not love so much in ruins, but the financial sector in wreckage. Perhaps Temlett Conibeer on a stock market downturn interspersed with his romantic endeavours could be the background of the third volume.


Keep writing and the faith.








Online copy to Jim Van der Kamp


  1. Sarah Jones said,

    I can’t wait for “Love in a Hot Climate” !

  2. Grace Krebs said,

    To whom will ‘the Captain’ submit his/her review to?

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