Little you know the strain on us empire builders!

Muschu Island


  1. Jeremiah Anderson said,

    The Empire fights back!

    I’m an unapologetic empire man and it’s clear to me that the social-powers-to-be are at last now facing the unmitigated fact of what a tragedy the post-colonial world has been – from the exit of the British from the Sub-Continent to the departure of the Australians from Papua New Guinea.
    What a mess Africa is now in. In the height of British and French rule in most of Africa where a reasonable person could walk around most of the continent in relative safety to the situation today where there is hardly a place where the rule of law is in place.
    In fifty years’ time we will see a lot of clear unbiased history written acclaiming the greatness of the Raj and the harmony that Rule Britannia created for the globe.

    • David Wall said,

      Jeremiah, well said!

      • Jeanette Jones said,

        When King George V was on his deathbed he asked if all was well with the Empire. When Queen Elizabeth dies she will well and truly know that nothing is left of the Empire.

  2. Antony Ruhan said,

    After the so-called end of their colonial rule the former colonisers in Europe carried out an economic exploitation of the former colonies that stifled political or social development congenial to the new nations. For example, the borders of the former colonies remained,e.g. the line dividing what had been Zaire (now Congo) and Uganda or between Sudan and Uganda, dividing tribal societies. Another example: the Belgian copper mines in Congo drew men seeking wages from their own regions to settlements around the mines, again destabilising native societies.

    Did the mining in Bougainville leave its people in peace. What has been the natural development there after so-called colonial withdrawl?

    Ånderson needs to get out of his armchair and look at the world.

    • David Wall said,

      I agree with Antony, JA’s got a very myopic view of history in my opinion.. closer to reality is that the “Crown” as an organisation has given itself licence to ransack most of the world, and then at the same time indoctrinates many into believing they’ve given the world “civilisation”.

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