Making a bob

By Jeremiah Clarke


Oh, to be a CEO in Aussie or politician in PNG!

Life is short but the dollar and kina are not.

Get your hands on the loot and the hell with the company and country.

There’s lots of gain with no pain – at least the Aussies crooks are juridical.

Unlike the PNG ones who are corrupt, but still no pain no prosecution.

A dollar’s a dollar, a kina’s a kina, even if you have to bleed the country to get it.

Would the Lord find fifty righteous CEOs and politicians in the corridors of power

in the cities of Sydney and Post Moresby?

“Rob not the poor…” Even an Abraham is powerless to intercede in the great corruption of the civil state.

The CEOs in Aussie should know better, the PNG politicians perhaps do.

The Bard tells us that a man’s ambition should outreach his grasp.

Politicians and CEOs certainly have extensive grasps!

But go for it lads and lassies (mostly lads) while the sun shines.

Hurry, for the companies, banks, forests and the bounty of the lands won’t last for ever!

But there is a bob to be made in spite of the Jeremiahs who are really such spoiled sports anyhow.

So Aussie CEOs with your exaggerated immoral salaries go north and join the

upstanding PNG politicians in ripping off what there’s to rip off.

Life’s all a scam anyhow, or is it?


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