Messsrs Thomson & Slipper

I think I might have a solution for the Messrs Thomson & Slipper problem.

It should be kept in-house, as both men appear to be very fond of the perks of office, and both, it would seem, are inclined to cut off a slice where it is available.

Thomson hands over to Slipper access to a HSU credit card. This would get rid of all of Slipper’s taxi payment problems. In exchange Slipper gives Thomson a character reference in his capacity as a salaried Speaker of the House and a priest of the Traditional Anglican Church. This, one would think, would carry weight in the corridors of power. Thomson would make it known that the Speaker is looking for talented staff, and surely within the ranks of the Health Union there would be some young chaps willing and able to improve their lot by working for the Speaker. Slipper on his part should be aware that surely among the female staffers in Parliament there are some enthusiastic performers who could be directed with a wink and a nod in the direction of Thomson, should he require their services.

This would leave a Happy Valley situation in Parliament and enable our PM to return in her original assertion of having complete trust in both of these splendid fellows.

From what I can see the only losers would be, the unseen rank and file of Health Union members, the constituents, who take the word of the PM, and the general taxpayer, who has to pay tax anyhow.

We need lateral thinkers among our legislators!

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  1. Peter Johnson said,

    Very clever…Wodehouse couldn’t have done better!

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