My Filipino relations contemplate the refurnishing of their Manila ancestral home!

The dilemma that is San Andres

To build, or not to build, that is the question:

Whether ‘tis nobler in the mind for sisters, Rebecca, Deborah and Sarah to suffer the slings of outrageous fortune or to take the heart-ache out of a thousand shocks and preserve the ancestral home in San Andres, or to sleep until they are off this mortal coil, this puzzles them.

Eufronia and Angel have travelled to the undiscover’d country from whose bourn no traveler returns, so their daughters fly to others that we know not of? –  Le Corp, Jun, Obet and Ovell.

Mayet grunts and sweats under a weary life.

Beth and Yhen from Taytay give pause!

Sarah accuses Rebecca of the insolence of office and Rebecca suffers the pangs of despised love, the law’s delay is a worry to Deborah.

This makes calamity of indecision and conscience makes cowards of them all.

So, this enterprise of great pith and moment could very well lose the name of action.

When we are shuffled off this mortal coil the San Andres abode could be the heir, a consummation devoutly wish’d for, perchance a dream: aye, there’s the rub.

With this regard the sisters bear the ills of vacillation and consider a donation to the nuns of the poor — a determination to end this sea of troubles and create a structure worthy of praise!

David Wall with help from William Shakespeare


  1. Anonymous said,

    This is really good, Dave! It does have the sound of the bald Bard.

  2. Anonymous said,

    Well if we think about how a “salad” is a made…the mixing of different individuals with the sprinkle of different herbs of Le Corp, Jun, Obet and Ovell plus that from Taytay & San Andres make a very tasty salad of life. Over all…well done!

    • Pip Griffin said,

      Very good David and interesting to hear about the sisters’ dilemma! Pip

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