Oh, what an ignorant fellow I am!

In my time I’ve been guilty of malapropisms, spoonerisms, senior moments or just the use of incorrect/wrong words.

Today I checked into a dentist for a first appointment and was asked to fill out a form about my medical condition and what medicines I was taking – first mistake made was that I spelt Acimax incorrectly as Aximax. The next clanger was made in conversation with the dentist when I was explaining to him about the condition of my heart and said, “according to my gynecologist my heart is fine.” You can imagine the reaction, I, of course, knew at once what I’d said and mentioned that I must have babies on my mind – the dentist quickly supplied the word cardiologist.

So, please my readers be tolerant of your poor old blogger when you scan his words.


  1. Anonymous said,

    Today, I used ‘preemptive’ instead of ‘protective’. Good thing we have a grammarian in the house!

  2. Antony Ruhan said,

    Why apologise for making mistakes? Making mistakes is a sign that one is human. Have you ever met a human being who never made mistakes? On the contrary, some of the great scientific discoveries have derived (in part) from mistakes.

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