“One may smile,and smile, and be a villain”

A.J. Miller is in
his paradise at Wilkesdale near Kingaroy.

Mary as luck
would have it is the Magdalene.

The reincarnated
are the hope of many.

Is this “God’s
way of love”, the Rapture and the Second Coming all at Wilkesdale?

What a historical
event: “I’m Jesus, deal with it.”

Mary Magdalene,
the soul mate holds her head up high and loves her partner.

Let’s hope she
lasts while many grow witless in their homage.

Ezekiel, Daniel
and Revelation, it seems, all come together in Queensland.

Augustus, of
computer fame, finds attractive the A.J. claims.

I put it to a
biblical scholar: is this the Millennium of the Lord? He answers: “No, this is an
abomination unto the Lord.”

Does A.J. shake
the gardens with his way of love and does he set his people free?

I think not, so
let us return to the true Nazarene and forget the world of charlatans.

1 Comment

  1. Antony Ruhan said,

    I feel that your poem deals with members of your family and people whom you are familiar with. Also the matter deals with religion and I would not like to trivialise feelings it arouses. So, it doesn’t seem right for me to make any remarks a propos of it.


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