“PNG on brink of ruin as government hangs in the balance”

By Allan Patience


Allan Patience has for a number of years warned about the perilous state of affairs in PNG, and in his recent piece his analysis is telling to say the least.

If the PNG High Court determines that the present government is unconstitutional “the government of PNG could become unworkable.”

In  his opinion Prime Minister Peter O’Neill ” has shown signs of addressing serious governance failures that have plagued the country for more than 30 years.”

The conditions of why many observers fear that PNG is on the way of becoming a failed state are clearly outlined in Patience’s article.

For anyone who visits PNG the truth of what Patience is saying is obvious: dirty towns with appalling government services, disparity between the elites and the ordinary people, escalating crime, and in the rural areas an almost total government neglect of villager needs.

Patience outlines the strategic issues the terrible situation in PNG creates for Australia.

Some sort of Australian intervention might well become imperative.

I hope government officials in Australia read Allan Patience’s dire warnings.


  1. Antony Ruhan said,

    The court has found O’Neill’s government to be unconstitutional. Recently the TV news showed an almost disabled Michael Somare installed as the PM. With the accusations of corruption and the signs of physical disability hanging over its PM, the future of PNG looks dark and ominous.

    Antony Ruhan

  2. An old piece on my blog that might be of interest! « Stories by David Wall said,

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