Sue Treutlein’s photos from the early seventies


Sue Treutlein & Kevin Trueman (2 snaps), Don Bosgard & Julie Johnson at Sue’s Christmas party, Angoram

Marina Treutlein & friend, Independence Day, Angoram

Rudi Treutlein – kiap, trader & crocodile hunter

Sue Treutlein & Bob Mackie at the Angoram Club


  1. deberigny said,

    Second photo, on the right, face obscured by Sue’s hand, bloke in whites sitting down, it is I, or that is what I think. Any feedback appreciated!
    Dave Wall

  2. Sue said,

    Yes, that sure is the young, handsome Dave Wall I knew in New Guinea.

  3. deberigny said,

    Sue, thanks, your photos bring back memories. Is that Sandy’s leg and shoe to the left? Best wishes to you and Rudi, Dave

  4. Sue said,

    Is it Sandy’s leg and shoe?
    Haven’t got a bloody clue….


  5. Gerard Xavier Manggal said,

    Hi Sue,
    I am Gerard (Gelhart) Manggal and am very keen to know your whereabouts as well as Mark’ and Marina’s.

    • Sue Treutlein said,

      Hello Gelhart,
      It is so great to hear from you! Marc will be thrilled. He lives in Maryborough Qld and Marina lives with me, here in Cairns, Nth Qld.
      My good friends Anna Chu Leong and Sava Maksic both live in Cairns too.
      Hearing from you reminds me of all the good old days in the Sepik.
      Here is Marina’s email so you can let us know how things are going in your life and how to contact you.
      Cheers & Best Wishes from all of us.
      Sue Treutlein

      • Michael Mc Neice NSW said,

        I would like to make contact with Sava Maksic as I have a lot of photos I would like to share from 1968 on the Sepik Michael Mc Neice

      • Madonna La Franchi said,

        Does anyone have Sue’s contact details still? I used to go to school with Marina and Mark in Pomona, I was best friends with Marina. It would be great to reconnect with them.
        Madonna La Franchi

  6. Elise said,

    hello i googled bosgard and this came up can someone please tell me anything about the bosgard mentioned in the pics please? im a bosgard!

  7. The sudden death of Kevin Trueman in Port Vila | Stories by David Wall said,

  8. Michael Mc Neice on the Sepik River with Sava Maksic in 1968 | Stories by David Wall said,

    […] 18, 2013 at 9:10 pm […]

  9. Sonja Barry Ramoi said,

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