My cadaver or stiff left to whomsoever!

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I’m facing a decision that my readers might be able to help me with. Should my mortal remains be left to the Anatomy Department of Sydney University or to the Australian Organ Register? The Uni it seems would cart the stiff off and there would be no expense for one’s relatives. The body would be used mainly in the education of medical students. On the other hand the Organ Register would make organs available for transplants, an idea I like very much. But ofter this the remains are returned to your relatives and presumedly they would still be left with the expense of a funeral etc. In the case of the university programme that is the end of it as far as your nearest and dearest are concerned. I also like this but I like the idea of the living using my parts directly. So herewith the problem. What should I do, a stiff to anatomy or parts to other humans?

Given all the above I would like some prayers said for me. To quote 2 Machabees 12: 46

It is therefore a holy and wholesome thought to pray for the dead, that they may be loosed from sins. 

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