Generosity of Robert Mugabe

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Someone told me that Robert Mugabe intended to donate millions of Zimbabwe dollars to the Burma Generals in recognition of the fine job they are doing in alleviating the suffering of their people.


What a fine fellow Robert is and what excellent fellows the Gererals are!


Ideologically speaking they would all be comfortable bedfellows. We can put a face on Mugabe but I wonder about the Generals. An interesting little piece caught my eye in Time, Oct. 04, 2007:

” But Burma? No one dictator comes to mind, only a coterie of faceless generals — 12, if one wants to be exact. Last week, in the junta’s latest wave of repression, soldiers fired on thousands of peaceful protesters who had dared challenge its iron-fisted rule, killing dozens, according to initial U.N. estimates. But the question remains: Who exactly are the brutal generals behind one of the world’s most isolated regimes?”


If the reports of Robert’s generosity are true we can expect to see millions of Zimbabwe dollars floating in the devastered delta region of Myanmar.


It appears that the Generals have no problem with Mugabe himself coming and personally distributing his dollars. What a wonderful humanitarian gesture on the part of Mugabe and the Generals this would be.


You can imagine how the suffering Burmese will appreciate the ebony geriatric and kindly features of Robert as he hands over his worthless money.


No doubt at the end of his mission the Generals will turn on a State dinner for him.


God protect poor people from these scoundrels in their jungle green and army uniforms; rogues all and one who flourish while honest folk droop. (My apologies to Browning for this misquotation)

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