The Swinging Sixties in Angoram



Courtesy Julie Johnsonexpats-in-angoram


Photos supplied by Ella Lucas.




  1. deberigny said,

    Maybe one or two of these photos are from the early 70s.

  2. deberigny said,

    If there is anyone out there with early pictures of Angoram, please get in touch.

  3. deberigny said,

    These photos come from Ella Lucas.

  4. Don Pybus said,

    I can’t believe how young and energetic we all looked, 40 years ago.
    People I remembered as older, such as Des Hill, Harry Marchant now, don’t appear as old as I had remembered.

    • Gertrude Miria said,

      I kindly request if you would assist to provide photos of Angoram town in the 1960s. The District administration is currently doing a land use plan to redevelop the township thus your photos will be acknowledged in the plan. Please contact me through

      Thank you

  5. Alan Pretty said,

    I may be wrong but I don’t think that is Bob Beck in the photo (12) with Col Sanderson.

  6. Alan Pretty said,

    correction……Photo 10 .

  7. helen blansjaar said,

    Unbelievable -were we really like that?
    Certainly we dont look like that anymore (skinny)

  8. sharon said,

    Picture 11 is a photo of my mum and dad Sno and Frances O’Shannessy’s wedding (Taiwai 1969 ) Thanks its a great picture

  9. Mike Cassell said,

    Does anyone know the present whereabouts of Kevin Trueman

    • Kevin Trueman said,

      Hi Mike and Hi Dave
      You can contact me on the above e-mail
      Kind regards

      • john pasquarelli said,

        Kopar – where the fuck are you ?????????

  10. David Wall said,

    Mike, I wonder where Kevin is myself. Someone mentioned that he might be somewhere in Vanuatu, perhaps Port Vila. Dave

    • Kevin Trueman said,

      Hi Dave
      Contact me on the above
      Kind Regards

  11. b.j. Skane said,

    I’ve been looking for Kevin Trueman as well.
    He is in Port Vila, Vanuatu.
    I believe he arrived here a few years back and was involved with a ship called “LCB2” which was brought over from Queensland. He is now doing building work here.
    Am wondering if anyone on this site knows when he left New Guinea.
    Also, is Mike Cassell any relation to Kenneth Cassell who was involved with M.V. “Glenelg” many years ago.

  12. 2010 in review « Stories by David Wall said,

    […] The Swinging Sixties in Angoram January 2008 13 comments 3 […]

  13. graeme jones said,

    Not STEVE SMITH in photo left of robyn faulkner. Its me Jim McKinnons nephew, wearing my Wilston Grange aussie rules jersey. 1968 @18yrs

    • deberigny said,

      Graeme, thanks for that, I’ll correct the caption on the photo. Dave

  14. Peter Howard said,

    What a great collection of Photos. Does any one know how i can contact FRANK FAULKNER???
    Do you have any good pictures of KarKar Island days???

    • deberigny said,

      Peter, I’m not sure where Frank is now but I’m going to Wewak in the next few weeks and I’ll ask Peter Johnson, he might know. Sorry no photos of the Karkar days. David

  15. Kay Johnston (nee Dowrie) said,

    I am looking for my half brother Ken Dowrie. He was in Angoram or maybe Ambunti in the sixties. Does anyone have any information about him?

  16. deberigny said,

    Kay, I’m going to the Sepik next week and I’ll ask a friend of mine if he knows anything of Ken, your brother. I’ll let you know if I hear anything. David

    • Anonymous said,

      Many thanks David. I suspect Ken may have died by now. He would be in his early eighties if he is still living. Last time I saw him was in Wewak in 1970 when I was working at the Wewak hospital. I would welcome any news of him you may discover.

    • Anonymous said,

      It looks like I replied as “anonymous” but it is me Kay. Such is my technological literacy!! Please let me know if you learn anything about Ken. Many thanks,

  17. Anthony McCabe said,

    My parents Brian & Maree (Noelle) McCabe may have some photos of Angoram of the mid 1960’s Do you wish me to follow this up as I know they were sorting through their old photos a couple of months ago. Regard, Anthony

    • deberigny said,

      Antony, this would be wonderful. I knew your parents, give them my kindest regards. David

  18. Glenn said,

    Please I want to known where isenlarge lucas now

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