When I die don’t let me rest in peace!


I want my obituary to be written by a much admired novelist who lives in the Blue Mountains. She, a person of the female gender, has always turned a discerning light on my often inept chauvinistic and pre-evolutionary remarks swatted in Jesuitical phraseology.

On my death I want my body to be dismembered, and these precious relics to be displayed for the admiration of the multitudes.

Unfortunately, in life my body members were not sufficiently admired, and in death I hope this deficiency will be rectified.

I trust that my instructions regarding my death will be faithfully carried out to the letter.

If not, be prepared for my afterlife curse, and the calamity that will follow!

1 Comment

  1. Peter Johnson said,

    David Andrew de Berigny Wall is quite obviously going mad! Dave, be sane and positive, be like Sir Hugo Berghausser Kt. OBE who has stated publicly that he is to live to 150…………Pj.

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